These photos are all courtesy of FTB1(SS) Lou "Willy" Williams

Pie eating (and wearing) contest - 1966.

It's getting messy!

Willy in MCC with "Rabbit Ears"
Photo caption: "There always has to be a clown!"
1967   J.T. "Thad" Craig

FTB'S in MCC - 28 FEB 1969
From left to right: Jerry Murray (GE Field Rep), Andy Wheeler,
Phil "Puma" Puschel and Lou "Willy" Williams

Willy in MCC
Caption reads: Patrol June - Sept 1968

Willy in MCC
Caption reads: 1 week (Referring to his beard)

Willy in MCC
Caption reads: 3 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes
(Didn't think growing a beard could be so exciting, did you?)

Willy taped to his chair in MCC
Caption reads: Never doze off during Field Day.
"Flipper" Trump did the wrap job.  1971

Glasgow Trip - 1968
Left to right: Art Silfics TM, Phil Puschel FTB,
"Smitty" Smith EM and Bryan Beyers FTG

Train trip to Glasgow - 1968
"Smitty" Smith

Dunoon, Scotland - 1968

Unidentified MT shipmate - 1968

Unidentified MT shipmate - 1968

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