This photo is courtesy of Michael Sleigh

In this picture are (from left to right): Roy Morrow, Pete Schulert,
Chris Kogge, Ruth and Dan Sigg, Michael Sleigh, Doug Weatherford.

This is a photo from the mini-reunion that we had in Kings Bay this summer
(1999) to  congratulate our old Engineer from the Clay, Dan Sigg, on his promotion
to  Commander, Submarine Squadron Sixteen.  Dan was the Engineer on the Clay
when  I got there and was, without a doubt, the sharpest Engineer in the fleet!  And
his wife, Ruth, is the nicest person you could ever meet.  Anyway, a few of us from
the wardroom have stayed in pretty close touch through the years and a bunch of  us
got together a few years back to see Dan get command of his own boat  (since he is
one of the few of us to have stayed in, we kind of follow his career closely!).  So the
chance to get together again last July/August could  not be passed up when Dan told
us he was selected for this job.  Dan set us  up in the BOQ and arranged a tour of a
Trident during our little weekend  trip.  But most of the time was spent in Dan and
Ruth's kitchen, talking and  telling stories until the wee hours of the morning! Here
is the group of us that went; there are about 5 or 6 other guys who really wanted
to come but couldn't..

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