These photos are all courtesy of TM2(SS) Pete Womer

Change of command to Gold crew.
I think on their third cruise - 1965.

Change of command to Gold crew - 1965.

LT. Walt Booriakin, LT. Jay Hummer, and LT. Bill Dick.
I think that they were my qualification quiz crew.

Game time on board.  Hope he doesn't get egg on his face.

As you already have some pie eating pics,
I thought I would include one more.

The group I qualified with on Dec 5, 1965.
Sure seemed like it took a long time!!

The meal they fixed me for qualifying--not really;
it is the Thanksgiving meal, 1965.

I really don't know what we did to get our pic taken with
Cap'n Lewis but here is a group from early 1966.

This is taken thru the scope pointed aft.  I have no idea
what they are doing, but it doesn't look good.

Another group, I think qualifiers earlier
in 65, but I know they're Gold crew.

Finally, I noticed that Beatty doesn't have a pic of himself back then, so I thought I would
include one.  He is on watch at our "snake ranch" on the Isle of Palms.  And we did rest easy.

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