From: Ken Adam 
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 18:31:14 EDT
Subject: Shipmate Passed Away

Hi there, I served on the USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624 (launch, Commissioning
& Blue Crew) with a fine Shipmate very good friend named Clarence "Johnny" Garrett,
who I understand was COB onboard the Clay. Please read the below e-mails for full
information. Thought you would like to know.

Ken Adam CPO, USN Retired
Cross, SC


At 11:41 AM 6/13/2007, wrote:


It is with extreme sadness that I have to tell you that one of My Very Best Friends
of All Time...Johnny Garrett...passed away in his sleep in the early hours this date,
Wednesday, 06/13/07 in Texas. I had a Cel phone Message a little while ago from
Kim Garrett that her mom Gail Garrett wanted to talk to me and left a phone # for me
to contact her. When I called, I reached Glenn Holt (Johnny's son-in-law) who told
me that Johnny had been in the hospital for the past month had a stroke, heart attack,
blood clots in the lung and leg and had gone thru numerous operations and had passed
away sometime between 11pm last night and 5am this morning. Gail and the kids were
at the funeral home now and will be calling me back later. That is all I know for now but
will know more later when Gail calls me back later. Please don't call me on the phone
right now as I am not in shape to talk right now.


Ken Adam 


In a message dated 6/13/2007 3:37:56 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Hi Ken,

That is sad news. Johnny was one of the good guys. If it's not too late, could you arrange
for a wreath to be sent as from the WW shipmates and I will reimburse you?? Glad I had
a chance to talk to Johnny and Gail when we were in New Orleans. We will miss him.

Thank you. 


Chief, U. S. Navy, Retired 


In a message dated 6/13/2007 5:01:47 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
Wwrapres2000 writes:

Thanks Mel,

Yes he was one of the good guys. I will really miss him and am still in touch with his wife,
which reminds me, we still need to get that Widows Program together that Paul & I tried
to get together a few years back. Let's work on that. I have some additional info as I just
got off the phone with Gail Garrett and her son Billy. Johnny was always very impatient
and wanted things done right away so they will not have any services except a Gravesite
Service with American Flag. They live in a very small Texas town and the closest big town
is Ft Worth, so there is no American Legion or VFW there so Johnny was never a member.
So naturally Gail has no idea of what or how to arrange anything and apparently the Hawkins
Funeral Home in Lake Bridgeport doesn't either. I will try to make some arrangements but
not much time left since the burial is scheduled for 10am this Friday. Here are the details as
I have them at this point:


(was QM1 SS in Commissioning Blue Crew, USS Woodrow Wilson)
Died - Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Burial - Friday, June 15, 2007 at Westside Cemetery in Bridgeport, Texas

Wife - Gail Garrett
             506 South Main Lake
             Bridgeport, TX 76426

             (940) 683-2596 & (940) 393-3971

I know for sure of 2 kids - Billy (son) & Deanna Garrett...and...Kim (daughter) & Glenn
Holt...and...Karen (daughter) & Teddy St. John. I also know of some Grandkids, but no
further info at this time. Deanna Garrett owns the "Classic Florist" in Bridgeport and I will
make arrangements for a wreath from the USS Woodrow Wilson Crew as Mel requested.
Perhaps our President could send a card to Gail from all of us (how about it Carl). I will be
sending my own from here as "Friends Forever".




Okay Sports Fans,

I have some additional correct info for ya: There is a 3rd child - Karen (daughter) & Teddy
St. John. I told you the boy's name was's Kelly and the town is Bridgeport
(only Johnny & Gail lived there but by the Lake so their address is still Lake Bridgeport). I
am making the corrections below now: Mel, I ordered a standing pedestal wreath as
instructed. After I talked to the Funeral home I also found out that there is a visitation at
6pm - 8pm Thursday night and a Military Funeral was discussed but apparently Gail didn't
take it. The Funeral Director is a personal friend and will be handing a flag to Gail at the
burial service. No cremation.




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