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Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 09:34:09 -0500
From: Charles Patch <>
Subject: Shelly's Message


Your welcome...Anything to help out the guys who have served this fine
country!  Sounds like we have it all under control.
By the way...I don't know all the boats you have served on but thought I
would tell you of the coins I have and will be
getting, in case I happen to have one you would want. Here they are.

The other coins (1.5" dia. brass...$1650 each) that
USS Trumpetfish SS 425
USS Nathaniel Greene SSBN 636
USS Jallao SS 368
USS Pollack SSN 603
USS Haddo SSN 604

The following coins (1.75" dia. brass...$20 each)I will have in the next
2-3 weeks:

"41 For Freedom" Series (Will eventually have the ENTIRE "41" fleet!)
USS George Washington SSBN 598
USS Patrick Henry SSBN 599
USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN 600
USS Robert E. Lee SSBN 601
USS Abraham Lincoln SSBN 602
USS Ethan Allen SSBN 608
USS Sam Houston SSBN 609
USS Thomas A. Edison SSBN 610
USS John Marshall SSBN 611
USS Thomas Jefferson SSBN 618

Special "group" coins (1.5" dia. brass...$16.50 each)
The B-Girls (Barbel, Blueback, and Bonefish) This will be ready abt
March 28...selling FAST
Harder, Darter, Trigger and Trout (Always In And Never Out!) This should
be ready in 6-8 weeks

I am also going to make a set to honor the Hell Cat's

If you hapen to know any guys who served on the boats I have coins for I
sure would appreciate you sending them my way.
;) I have pictures of all of them except the Harder, Darter coin...she
is in the works!

Thanks Again-

Shelly Saxton
PO Box 24
Graham, MO 64455

Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 22:25:49 -0400
From: Charles Patch <>
Subject: Reunion

Henry Clay Sailors!

Without trying to bore you, our reunion weekend flew by in a blur. We 
missed a few shipmates who were caught up in the catastrophic 
conditions in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama - we think that they 
are all safe - but on the whole, the turn out was outstanding - about 
150 people made it to KC!

There will be much more reporting on this by others in the near future. 
However, John and I have some leftovers to deal with at this point in 
time. John has hats and T-shirts left, many sizes, all for $15.00 per 
item, the difference between cost including shipping will be moved to 
the HC Reunion Fund. Contact John for those things. I have some coins 
left over. If you want one, or more, they will be sold for $15.00 per 
coin, plus shipping, and again, all overages will go to the HC Reunion 
Fund. They will go out on a first come first served basis.

Addresses:     John Troia
                        7058 Overlook Drive
                        Ft. Myers, Fl  33919-6817

                        Charlie Patch
                        118 Bonnet's Ct
                        Surf City, NC 28445

The Henry Clay contingent voted to meet again in 2-3 years - somewhere. 
So expect to hear more about the next one sometime in the near future. 
I can't tell you how good it was to see all of the guys (there were 38 
plankowners there!) even the ones that were on board a long time after 
I had left the boat in 1966! Keep in touch with each other, it sure was 
reinforced this weekend how important it is to do that.



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Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 13:27:09 -0400
From: "Marceline Adkins" <>
Subject: 2008 Reunion

Hello from Kentucky!!

I just happened to be doing some research for something and came across your
web site. I feel bad.  I didn't even realize there was a USS Henry Clay!!!

It's ironic, I live in Lexington and work for a local tour and motor coach
company. We have had several military groups hold their reunions in
Lexington and I always enjoy the groups. I saw where you were considering
having a reunion here in Lexington, which by the way was the home of Henry Clay.
Just thought I would extend an invitation for your group to come to
Lexington. We would love to have you here in 2008 or sooner!

Take Care & God Bless!


Marceline Adkins
Director of Tours
Blue Grass Tours
817 Enterprise Drive
Lexington, KY 40510

Phone  859 252-5744
FAX    859 280-7291

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