Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 12:09:42
From: Lou Williams <>
Subject: I was there too! 

I served on the Clay from 2/65 to 6/71 as FTB1(SS) Louis Williams, although I was known
as "Willy in Weapons". Stood my watches in MCC, which for a couple of patrols was also
the Music Control Center. Keep your shirt on Jack, that country and western tape is coming
up soon.

I remember:
many happy trips to El Gato Loco in Rota;
the hurricane in Holy Loch when the sail planes kept hitting the tender;
Charleston Navy Shipyard;
the bus that ran into the Hilton at Cocoa Beach;
the ferry boat rides to Ford Island;
that Guam was NOT that good.

I remember Don Davidson...didn't he go to work for CSNY while we were there?
And I remember Jim Horne from the boat and bootcamp.


but, I can't guarantee that the country and western tape will be the exact one you want
to hear.

Lou Williams
Marconi in Sunnyvale California

Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 19:00:54 -0500
From: "Les Long" <>

I served on the Henry Clay Gold Crew from 1/71 to 11/73 as a MM1(SS). I have
only been in contact with one other person from the Machinery Division  (Willie
Souder), who served about the same time period. I have been working in the
commercial nuclear field since my discharge in 1974 both as a contractor and in
operations at 3 power plants. I am currently at Comanche Peak in Texas, and in
all this time have only found one other person from the Clay. The web site looks
great. Keep up the good work.

Les Long

Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 00:12:23 -0400
From: Shiauyen Chin-Dennis <>
Subject: Henry Clay Blue Crew

Hi to all Clay Blue Crew

I served as an MM3SS aboard the Clay from Sub School to Charleston Overhaul
to Florida Missle Launch to Torpedo Testing in Puerto Rico.  I spent some
great times in Hawaii, making patrols out of Guam and off crew status in
Hawaii.  Surfing, Football Games on Sunday with select Blue Crew shipmates.
 An enjoyable time and one never to forget.  If Jim Trump reads this,
remember me and also the South Carolina radioman, "Coyle Spring, Jimmy
Coyle.  Also have photos of some of us when we stayed in the Ford Island
Barracks.  Hope this note finds some of the friends -- esp. Jimmy Meeks,
Torpedoman from Ga.

War Eagle, Auburn Tigers
Wayne Dennis MM3SS

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 03:33:43 -0500
From: "Bill Maness" <>

Howdy Ya'll, from TEXAS this is Bill Maness aka JOSE'

I came onboard after the Clay was in the water but long before the

I was a E2 nothing when I reported in and left as an IC3(SS) for IC A
school. I was one of the guys that had to paint topside after that
surface shot and I was onboard when the missile was launched. Later that
day/night I broke a beer spigot at the Juke Joint on the Beach. Quarters
was called the next morning and the guilty party was ask to step forward
and fess up. Cost me $25.00 for that trick(but I still have the Schlitz
Beer Pitcher). Any body else out there want to tell the rest of the story?

I'll also post a little known story on the Sea Story section that shows
how Dumb and Bullet Proof a young Sailor can be.

Yes I was walking down the pier when I first heard of the President
being shot, they say you always remember things like that.

The saddest part I can remember was the Thresher. It was not a good day
for us in the Sub Fleet.
This also put most of us back a great deal on our Quals, as many changes
were made for safety.

Rickover was a real blast to see come onboard especially since I was Non
Nuke. You can bet I was on my best with Rickover in the sail and me on
the phones and then later all over again on the USS SIMON BOLIVAR.

I 've looked over this web site and am proud of it. I was collecting
material to start a web page and will gladly provide what I have. My
folks were able to attend the commissioning and saved everything('cept
my girl friend) including a Newport News newspaper on the day of

Hope others of my time will check in, got some good pictures of Jimmy
Null (as in void, another sea story) in a pie eating contest. And then
there is WRT WINBORNE (Willie Reno Tonzales Winborne Jr. the 3rd) and
the EX-Lax Story, plus the $20 no make that $19.95  in Nickels Change 
story, and the R.Z. Smith and the Honda 305 story. and a lots of other
things I remember but ain't gonna tell if the price is right.

Zero Bubble, DBF,Green Board, Straight Board

Bill Maness
323 C.R. 512
Stephenville, TEXAS


Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 14:21:20 -0500
From: "Tom Rowe" <>
Subject: Shipmates

Hi-- I was on the commisioning crew (gold)and went to the Queenfish SSN
651 as the lead ELT after two patrol.
Looking for Henry "Hank" Weber and Kenneth "Budgie" Dale Smith. Would
also like to hear from any one else from the early days


Date: Sat, 24 Apr 1999 19:14:36 -0400
From: "Fredric R. Durrette" <>
Subject: Cartoons

I served on the Clay from 1985 until I retired in 1987 as a MMCS.
Although this seems like a short time, I did make a total of 31 FBM
patrols and had spent several years on diesel boats. On each of my
boats, I published a ships newspaper complete with cartoons, some was
underground and some with the captains permission. These were called
"Fast Fred's Fractured Funnies." If anyone has a copy of the Dolphin
calendar book called "Thirty Years of Submarine Humor", there are
several of my cartoons inside that were done while on the Clay. Of all
the boats I have served on, the Clay was one of the best. We
accomplished things that other boats couldn't and set standards for FBM
patrols. The crew that I served with and even the "other" crew will
always be a big part of my fondest memories.

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 21:00:52 -0700
From: "Paul Clay" <>

Hi, I was a PN2 on the 625 from Dec. 81 to Apr. 85 and during that time
became the leading Yeoman when I made 1st class.  That was on the blue
crew and I made six patrols and one extra offcrew with the Gold crew
when I was left behind for surgery.  My nickname was "625" as well as
"Yeo", of course.  The CO was Ray Setser and the COB was Johnnie Foster,
who had been XO and COB on my first boat the Vallejo, 658.  Let's see
you've got my e-mail address attached so I live at 8 Green Oak Drive,
Simpsonville, SC 29680.  I have some whopper sea stories, including the
original, no-shitter of them all "How I broke my nose taking a crap at
the Grand Falloon, Cocoa Beach, FL" - it's actually a three-part story,
normally told by me, MM2(SS) Steve Parker (a-ganger extrodinaire), and
my wife.  But I'll wait to see what the proper procedure is for
submissions.  Because I had been a QM my first enlistment with Setser
and Foster I was "loaned" a lot to QM div and stood QMOW in 4-section
while underway until I became the Leading Yeo, that kind of cut me back
a little.

I am pretty sure that I may have been the last CLAY sailor to stand on
the old boat.  When I took the G.W. Carver into the yards at Bremerton
for decom the 625 remains were afloat.  The yard had already removed the
RC compartment and the missile compartment but I stood on the AMR1 hatch
and touched the sail - that was weird.  Unfortunately the hatches were
locked shut and cameras were a big no-no in the yards.  That must have
been about March 1993, just before my final tour of shore duty and
retirement as a YNC.

I've got quite a few pictures and can get them scanned if you're

Paul Clay

Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 13:41:52 EDT
From: "Rich Lewis" <>
Subject: Charleston Shipyard and Guam Era

The Henry Clay had one of the best flag football teams in 1969 and 1970.  I 
remember that Capt. Montross made a few profitable wagers on his "boys". 
This team was anchored by the strong arm of Joel McAnn.

I have a list of names that I remember from that time period.  I am still in 
contact with some and have lost track of others.  It would be interesting to 
know what everyone has done in the life after 625.

Please feel free to correct any spelling (the list is in no special order):

Charlie Ballard EM
Jon Allen ET
Dave Schroeder EM
Charlie Schweikert IC
Pete Webb MM Diver
John Wilson MM (Buffalo)
AA Young Capt.
Montross Capt.
Francis Joseph Murphy LCdr (Engineer)
David Wiggins MM
Rusty Wishon MM
Tommy Lee Connell MM
Walter Pottenger MM diver
Ted E. Dubay EM (master whittler)
Les Long MM
Richard Marchbanks EM
Greg Metzgus EM
Joel McAnn MM (aux gang)
Greg Cencus ?? (forward puke - good football receiver)
Vince Dinato ET (sick at cast off lines)

I was an EM at the time.  Left 625 for West Milton instructor duty and ended 
my career on the 673 in 1976.  Work for a power company developing 
independent power projects around the world.  I would enjoy hearing about or 
from other folks with interesting stories from the '69 to ''74 time period. 
I have left a lot of names off the list but not intentionally.  I remember an 
ET named Harrell that could not take a leak if any one knew he was in the
head.  We cause him much distress over the years.  I also remember Scotty MMC 
who had more hair than an Ewok.  I remember a MM1 that blew shitters on 
himself several times a patrol for several patrols (Strickland?).  I remember 
an EMC that was qualified EOD and made us all fear his level of sanity.  I 
remember a Guam drydock experience with a Typhoon bearing down and just 
patching holes in the hull enough to submerge next to the pier and riding it 

Those were the days my friend ... and we thought that they would never end 
... guess what they did!  Lot's of interesting memories to gin up.

Regards, Rich Lewis

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 13:10:39 -0500
From: "Bill Maness" <>
Subject: Second Generation Dolphin Presentation X 2

I don't know if you want to post this as part of the page.

I feel really great that my sons have decided to validate my own
decision to serve my country on board Submarines.

Bill Maness x IC1(SS)


The trip to pin my Dolphins on my second son would have been even better
if I could have had both my sons together but!

#1 son had to stay put in NLON.

Seems like the Navy had plans for his time.

Our trip to Ca. started with a flat tire as we walked out the door to leave for
the airport (Austin, 150 miles away). We passed that hurtle with air from
our trusty stand by tank and a quick trip to a local tire service.

#2 son was very surprised.

But not as surprised as was I, wife and fiancee' when I saw the Bravo
Flag hoisted at the pier we needed to traverse to get to his Boat. There
was also a Massive Target at the head of that Submarine pier. Seems
the USS CORONADO is the flag target for 3rd Flotilla.

The 1300 Ceremony was delayed as the Weps Group loaded up.

But I have to admit that all Regs. were followed to a T. That is fine
with me as I know that is the only way to run a Weps Load.

My son figured something was up but had no idea what.  He said he
could see the YELLOW Vest as we moved down the pier to his Boat.

He had never seen me in that Vest as only recently have I joined the
WWll SUB VETS as an Associate Member.

He was so intent on wondering what was happening ( You know how those A
Gangers are, put a bright light in their eyes and you can lead them anywhere.)
that he did not notice his Girlfriend was with us until after he received my

Anyway the duty sections was called to attention by the COB and my son
was called forward to receive my Dolphins that I earned in 1964 while
onboard my first Submarine USS HENRY CLAY SSBN 625.

I removed My Dolphins from my Vest and pinned them on him. He will wear
then to sea and return them to me as my first son did last year.I also presented
him a set of solid sterling silver Dolphins with his name, boat and date
engraved on the back.

SS class all the way

The XO read the Dolphin Certificate and presented it to my son.

The Crew broke out in applause and all were happy(some close to
tears-that would be the Wife of course).

This now completes a circle that was started over 30 years ago when I
joined the Navy. I have many people that I respect and that helped me
along my path, I can only trust that my Sons will provide the help
others need to join our brotherhood of SUB SAILORS (SS)!

The next day we crashed a Reup party at the HORSE & COW (now in
it's third location in SAN DIEGO) as instructed to do so by Gil an FT
that had signed up at Sea on the Bridge of my sons Boat. Got kinda rowdy
and I felt right at home as did my Wife and son's girlfriend.

Then I screwed up while using the Head and looked in the Mirror.
Shit I wasn't 20 years old anymore!



In Reply to: Dolphine Presentation in SAN DIEGO, Closing the Circle.
posted by JOSE'


But you broke that cardinal rule, 'When having a good time, never, ever
look in the mirror'. YOU are as young as you feel, not as you look.
Besides, being in the 'Horse and Cow' what did it matter?

T.Spoon, DBF

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 09:13:55 EDT
From: "Rich Lewis" <>
Subject: Henry Clay Flag football

I noticed that Bill Wright IC2(SS) showed up on the sailing list.  I am sorry 
that I missed him on my list of "Characters" that I remember from the Clay. 
He will remember the football team.  I have pictures of him with the flags 
dangling.  It is good to see more and more names show up.  Regards, Rich

Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 20:50:16 -0400
From: "Kelly Firebaugh" <>
Subject: My time with the best in the Navy

I had the opportunity to serve on the Clay as my first boat during the final
days when I left DamNeck and NavET school.  I lived through the ERP in Holy
Loch, the final Gold patrol, the COOPEX turnover from hell, the beginning of
Decom and I rode Hurricane Hugo out sitting in NavCenter trying to pick up
some radio signals since we had the strongest antenae (doesn't work if the
radio station loses their tower, though).

I still have my original fish Cmdr. Steve Slaten pinned on my chest, my qual
card signed by COB John Green and my bright yellow NO WIMPS! t-shirt with
the big Battle "E" on the back.

I followed up with a tour on the USS John Marshall (SSN-611) which was the
boomer converted to special ops boat out of Norfolk.  In 1994 while at
NavSubSuppFac New London, my stomach went south and I was medically
disqualled (still keep my dolphins!) and I cross rated to Journalist.  I now
run the Public Affairs Office onboard the USS Nimitz (CVN-68), that's right,
a target.  For some reason, they don't seem to like when I run PT in my "Hi
skimmer!  Bye skimmer!" t-shirt, but I do it anyway.

Bubbleheads are still the best people in the Navy and the crew of the Clay
hold a special place to me.

Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 23:13:30 -0700
From: "Rick Rigsby" <>

Rigsby, Richard K. aka:Rick...or Elenore 
Uss Henry Clay SSBN 625 (Blue)
Four Partrols out of Guam 
Seems there are more of us than I can believe.  Love to hear from all of
you, my family and friends are tired of the same old sea-stories and I
won't tell them any of the good ones.  I've kept in touch with Donnie
(Bo-Peep) Gill, FTB2 (SS), and Rich Soto, MS2 (SS).  Jody....Lancers Dancer

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 20:15:10 EDT
From: "Bob McDermott" <>
Subject: looking for old crew members

I was a member of the Blue Crew A-Gang.   I served on Henry Clay from Nov 75 
to May 80.  Not many people served on Henry Clay longer than I did.  I 
recognize a few names from the prior messages.  Kevin Walker,  Doug Roberts, 
Bobby Stayton,  It was nice to see your names again it brought back some good 
memorys.   I returned to my hometown in CT in 1980 and started to raise a 
family with 3 girls.  I keep in touch with Kevin Gary now a Boston Fireman 
and Brad O'Keefe now in Florida often.  I will pass this site onto them.

Bob McDermott (Mac)

Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 22:08:54 -0400
From: "Donald A. Tevault" <>
Subject: Henry Clay

Hi!  I just wanted to let you know that I was on the Henry Clay Gold
crew from 4/85 through 7/89.  At the time, I was known as FTB2 Donald A.
Tevault.  (I'm now MT1 Tevault.)  I made eight patrols with this crew,
all out of Holy Loch Scotland.  My e-mail address is  My address is 171 Dogwood Circle, St. Marys GA
31558.  Phone:  912 673-7907.

Also, I made all patrols on this crew with the "all-wise, all-knowing


Donald A. Tevault

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 09:42:35 -0400
From: "Ogilvy, Kenneth R" <>
Subject: Decom crew member!

Hello! I was surfing at work and decided to check on MY first submarine!
What a pleasant surprise! I served on board from March of 88 till we cut the
OLD girl up in Charleston! I was IC3(ss) Kenneth R Ogilvy Jr. I do have a
piece of her hull. Also decom. flier issued to last combined crew!
Originally on the Gold crew! Funny story to  share with you real quick! The
ships battle E plaque was stolen during decommissioning and was believed to
be taken by my roommate! Although never had sight of actual plaque, I have
heard over the years that this story may be true! Any crew members out there
on decom. crew....You all remember the culprit! Look forward to hearing from
you! I personally only kept in touch with a few members! Still over the
years unable to track others down! I think it is great what you are doing!
Will keep in touch!  Thanks again, 

Kenny Ogilvy
FMS Operator
(919) 483-5572

Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 20:57:33 -0700
From: Dan and Jeanita <>
Subject: Please add!

VINNING, Daniel  MM2(SS) Auxiliary  1983 to 1986   7 patrols Holly
Loche  BLUE crew

My E-MAIL address is

I really enjoyed my begining in the submarine force onboard the Clay,
those were the good times.  Still punching holes 19 patrols later
onboard the USS ALASKA SSBN 732 G.

Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 00:04:10 EDT
Subject: Sailing list

My name is B. Owen (Willy) Williams, Jr.  formerly ST-1 (SS)
I served aboard Henry Clay Gold from approximately summer of 67 to 69.  I 
made 3 patrols out of Holy Lock.  She was my first boat and I qualified on 
her.  The capt. Was Alfred Avery Young.  I made STS-3 on second patrol.  STSC 
Bill Henry was my sonar chief.

We were based out of Charleston and I was aboard when we brought her back for 
overhaul in Charleston.  I left and went to SS-341 USS Chivo.  Subsequent 
boats were Flasher SSN-613 and Sturgeon SSN-637.  I got out in 1974 and now 
own my own company

Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 11:16:05 -0500
From: "John Kaineg" <>
Subject: Found You

Hi, I am John Kaineg (EM1/SS)  and I served aboard the "Clay" as a member of
the "Blue Crew" between 1979 and 1984. Most of the patrols were made out of
Scotland at the time a few out of Charleston and a stay in a floating
dry-dock in King's Bay.

I remember Bob McDermott, hopefully some other folks too. Currently, I am a
student again, living in Central Illinois. Kids all grown and well... you
know. Thanks for starting this site, brings back some old times.


Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 15:16:36 GMT
From: "Michael Lewis" <>
Subject: SSBN 625 (Gold)

Hello all you guys out there!!!  I was on the Clay from Oct 86 until April 
90.  At the time I was MT3 and MT2, and now I am MT1.  I have to tell you 
guys about Stacey Hines (MTC/SS Hines) and his Half-Way nite activities. 
Any of you that were on the boat at that time would have to remember out 
favortie Senior Chief Nuke that liked to hypnotize people.  Well, I remember 
it like it happened last nite...He hypnotized Stacey and convinced him that 
he was a woman, but not just a woman, a stripper!!!  That's right, Stacey
did a little strip show for us...if you don't believe me, well, I do happen 
to have some incriminating photos.  Anyway, just wanted to share that little 
story with you guys.  If anyone would like to get in touch with me, I am the 
Defense Threat Reduction Agency in Washington, DC.  My email is  I have the fondest memories from my first boat, USS 
Henry Clay SSBN 625 (G).

MT1/SS Michael B. Lewis

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 21:37:23 -0400
From: "Michael Lewis" <>
Subject: Just sayin' HI

Hello all!!!  Well, some of you here may remember me, I am MT1 Michael
Lewis, I was on the boat from Oct 86 to April 90.  I too made a couple
patrols with the infamous Klutz and one other character I haven't heard
anything about...anyone remember MT2 Jimmy Cash???  Does anyone know
where he is now or what he's up to?  Just curious.  Anyway, I am
stationed in Washington, DC at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency,
which is where I was sent after commissioning the USS Rhode Island
SSBN-740 and making a few patrols with her.  My email address is and if you are in Washington anytime, give me a call
at (703) 810-4856, I would love to hear from any of you guys out there.

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 03:12:51 EDT
Subject: SSBN 625

Hello all you fellow bubble heads with whom I had the pleasure of serving on 
board the Henry Clay Gold crew between 1986 to 1990. Klutz, Hines, West, 
Byers, Ceres, Durrette, Firebaugh, Lewis, Ogilvy, Shaw, Tevault, Utsler, and 
Weaver. I remember all of you -- some more than others. 

I was just remembering some of the times that were mentioned. Mainly halfway 
night when Senior Chief Massey did, in fact, hypnotize Petty Officers Hines, 
Hoppe and a few others. I will corroborate this story. This was the most 
hilarious thing I ever saw on the boat. The chief convinced Hoppe that his 
pecker was missing and that another had stolen it. And, yes he DID want it 
back. Petty Officer Hines did dance for the crew that night, after all he was 
appropriately dressed since he was in the Miss Henry Clay Pageant. (S)he was 
absolutely radiant that night.  If I remember correctly the Chief woke Hines 
up with one final suggestion - After waking Hines turned to the guy sitting 
next to him and yelled, "give me my purse!" Needless to say, a fully alert 
Petty Officer Hines turned blood red, not knowing why he said what he said. 

MT3 Cash, I remember well. How could I, after watching him visibly churn food 
in his mouth on the mess decks, as if it were a sanitation process and not a 
human meal. Certainly, noone was foolish enough to be anywhere near him 
during a security drill in the missile compartment. These he took seriously, 
and would gladly barrel over anyone who happened to be in the way. 

A few on the regulars were playing poker in the lounge. During a hand of five 
card draw, MM2 Jarvis pulled four of a kind! Who else, but Cash would be 
standing behind him starts laughing, slaps Jarvis on the back and bellows 
out, "GAAAWWWLLLYYYY"..........Rapid-fire folding followed. Cash just
stood  there with a "What?" look on his face. 

After he left the boat, there a story filtered back to the boat about a Field 
Day at his new duty station. They were handing out assignments to clean up 
around the buildings, and Petty Officer Cash, being ever observant, noticed 
that the roofs were rather dirty and offered to tidy up. A puzzled chief 
figure,..... well,...ok. After the end of field day was nearing, Cash was 
still busy on the roof. Checking up on him, the Chief climbed to the roof to
find that he had neatly swept all of those little stones (that belong on the 
roof) into piles and was in the process of scooping them into trash bags. 

These are few of my memories of the boat. I'm sure more would come to mind. 
Any of you want to share any stories about LtCdr Hayes, the beloved XO? 
Things like cleanliness drills? How about MM2 Hoppe? If a few more nukes from 
my division show up, maybe we'll share our experiences with "The Chunk." I 
don't know if any of you kept books that you wrote in, there was the KNOB, 
started by MMCS Massey, and a few others. But "The Chunk" overshadowed
them all"

Looking forward to more Stories

Steve Kerstetter

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 16:44:37 -0500
From: "BD ROOT" <>
Subject: Radio Root 625 Gold

Hey Lewis go have some good info.  I agree on good football team in  Hawaii 
but we also had a good softball team.  We missed you at the Henry Clay Decom
at Charleston some eleven years ago (I guess).  We had a good time, Capt 
Montross was there and had a good party at Jon and Cass Allens' house.  For
your info Dave Culligan is in Tanexa, Va.   Craig Orrison RM owns a KOA  here
in Ocean Springs, MS. We also learned at the Decom that QMC Johnny  Garrett
died of a heart attack about one year after retirement.  His wife still lives in
Bridgeport, TX.  I live in Ocean Springs, MS and still working.  Work for OMNI 
ENG INC a sub-contractor for the Navy.  I am manager of the QA  Department
at Ingalls Shipyard in Pascagoula, MS.  Planning on retiring in about five years.
If anyone knows the where abouts of Doc Moss give me a ring.  Dave, John and
I were discussing a ship reunion but nothing has materialized yet.  You can get
me at  like hearing from youall.

Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 21:35:09 -0700
From: Mark Ruggiero <>
Subject: Hi

I was on the Clay from 1979 to 1985...

Just for your info....before one of the shipyard periods...she
was given the name "Brenda Lee" was carved lightly, using a
grinder, in the port upper forward corner of the sail.

Have a good one.

Mark A. Ruggiero
QMC(SS) Retired.

P.S.  I have a pic of her in drydock in Scotland...I'll find it and scan
it for you.

Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 14:30:25 EDT
From: Dan Rean <>
Subject: Doug Roberts

The last time I talked with Doug he was in Farmington New Mexico. He was 
listed in the phone book. Bob Stayton is MIA. He is riding around the US on a 

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 05:17:23 EDT
Subject: Rick "CW" Moss '71-'72 Gold Crew

Howdy from Oregon to all and especially the '71-'72 Gold crew when I was on 
board as an RM3 (3 patrols out of Guam). Also served on COMSUBPAC staff and 
the USS Carbonero (SS-337) prior to the Clay and decomissioned Carbonero 
after a Northpac in '70. Guess I'd be considered the black sheep of the Clay 
since I managed to get myself banished forever from boats after my third 
patrol on the Clay (probably sucked in too many diesel fumes on the 
Carbonero). Always told Cdr. Montross I wanted to make a Westpac and got my 
wish right after leaving the Clay when I got orders to the USS Preble 
(DLG-15). Problem was, my Westpac turned out to be 3 combat tours in Nam 
during '72-'73.  Preble conducted search and rescure  and anti-air warfare 
ops and fire missions off the DMZ and at the Cua Viet River near Dong Hoi in 
North Vietnam -- including Lineback II and the Christmas bombings of '72.
Preble was last Navy vessel hit by enemy shore batteries during Vietnam. 
I've been honored to have contact with a few Clay Gold shipmates over the 
years. Got together with Ed Boucher (QM) in LA a few years back. Ed runs a 
successful insurance business in the SDiego area. Hit the bars in Honolulu 
with Mike Lubawski (RM) in the '80s. Ran into Bill Wakefield in Portland a 
while back.  Visited BD Root, RMC, (the best chief the Navy ever produced) 
and Craig Orrison (RM) in Ocean Springs, Miss., about ten years ago, and had 
the best darn homemade Gulf Coast crab feed you ever saw.  Stan Wryn (YN) was 
at the house yesterday. Stan & Joyce are back in the Portland area after a 
few years in Texas. Stan's son, Jason, 27, is a 9-year veteran of the Army, 
presently stationed in Colorado. My son, Paul, 23, is an STG2 on the USS 
HIggins, homeported in SDiego. In case you hadn't heard, shipmate Mel Noah - 
with the award-winning handlebar moustache and a pretty wife named Barbara - 
was killed in a bike accident in Santa Rosa way back in '73.  Best wishes to 
you all.  Rick ("CW") Moss. 

Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 12:55:12 -0700
From: "Myatt, David  LT  (FASW N1)" <>
Subject: PATROL

My name is David T. Myatt. I made one patrol on the Gold crew around Dec 81-
Mar 82 out of Holy Loch. I was a TM2/SS and worked for TM1 Bulwinkle. Please
add my name to the list. The CO was CDR Neurenburger and the XO was LCDR
Malone. The COB was Master Chief Russell, boy did he have some time in.


Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 22:52:41 -0400
From: "Dennis Trovillo" <>
Subject: Henry Clay Decommissioning

My name is Dennis J. Trovillo. I was on the Henry Clay from around 86 
to 90. I made 6 patrols on her out of Holy Loch. I was a Missile
Technician 2nd class. I was a part of the decommissioning crew. I was on
the Blue crew originally. I offloaded all the missiles prior to
decomissioning. I was also the last sailor of patrol on the Clay. I have
in my possession the plaqe that was on the mess decks with all the
sailor of patrols names for both blue and gold crew fromm patrol 44 to
patrol 78. .

I have some decommissionming articles from the paper and booklets given
out at the cermony. Also did you know that they made everyone on the
last crew Kentucky Colonels. In honor of Henry Clay.  My e-mail address
is Please drop me a line if I can help in any way.


Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 16:38:43 -0500
From: Oliver Shearer <"">
Subject: Henry Clay Sailing List

       NOTE:  The following is a compilation of three separate emails...

LT. Oliver V. Shearer Jr. (Blue Crew)
From 14 January 1963 to June 1965
On port sailplane during launching
Was Commissioning Officer of the Deck
Made two patrols
Thanks, Capt. Oliver V. Shearer Jr. USN (Ret)


I still have a lot of love for Henry Clay. Still stay in
contact with some of the original Blue Crew and widows of BC wardroom. I
qualified for command on HC in Feb 65 prior to Clay's 3rd patrol. I made
first patrol in Norwegian Sea, then down to Rota. First Blue Crew XO , RADM
Ross W. Williams USN (Ret) is long time friend and he lives in Potomac, MD
but is in poor physical health. Orig Blue Crew Engineer Tom Hopper died in
about 1976 -- my wife and his widow still exchange xmas cards. My
understudy, Asst't Nav and Communicator Jim Simpson, Capt USN (Ret) lives in
Atlanta, Ga and we still visit each other. And, 2nd Blue Crew XO, Capt. John
F. Drain USN (Ret) is good friend and lives in McLean, VA.  During 1971-74
when I was FBM Ops Officer on COMSUBPAC Staff, I kept a close eye on Henry
Clay. Our original Blue Crew was a close fellowship. Managed to keep up with
my Nav Dept for several years but, as you know, we all went to the four
winds. Thanks again, will keep up with the site.


I made two blue crew patrols. Henry Clay's first patrol was from
Charleston, SC, to Nowegian Sea, thence to Rota for first refit. Gold crew's
first patrol was in Mediterannean, refit in Rota. Blue crew's second patrol
(Clay's 3 patrol) was in Mediterannean. Our homeport was Chasn. Were in
Squadron 16 (Rota).

After returning from Blue crew's second patrol, I went to USS Trigger
(SS-564), in Charleston,  as XO.

Launching -- I'm the middle officer on port sail plane. Believe that Art
Barke is to my right and AWEPs to my left (can't recall his name but it's on
web site). Art Barke died early this year at his home in Washington State --
his wife Verna died 2 or 3 years earlier. Saw that in Shipmate.

 I'll have a couple of other stories for you -- about HC being
commissioned in NNS&DD Co dry dock, resting on keel blocks with the dock
partially flooded. The port torpedo eject ram had experienced a major
casualty, in port at NNS after last sea trial. And then, when the drink of
the day at local taverns was "Henry Clay on the Rocks". Clay went aground in
16 ft of soft mud in the James River (after commissioning I think) on way
over to Norfolk Naval Base for a 15 min walk thru by the Deputy Secretary of
Defense.  Luckily I was exonerated because investigation showed that
Navigation was FLAWLESS, and was even commended by Naval Sub Schools (Rocks
and Shoals). Tom Bryce, the CO was confused by the early morning sun and
thought red was black (on James River entrance buoys) and kept coming left
despite my warnings over the 21 MC that we were headed out of the channel.
 after going aground, and coming down to the control room, he apologized to
the Crew, stating that it was entirely his fault). After about 45 min of
hard pulling, three tugs pulled us off and we  contined to NNB and the
DEPSECDEF got his tour. A drydock inspection showed only a little paint
scraped off the bottom. The Newport News traffic helicopter took many
pictures, and the embarassment was on local and national TV.

I have a couple of photos of myself and Nav Ets from first patrol. Will
send to you after I get them scanned. (I don't have a scanner). Enjoyed
reading the site. I sent Troia a note saying that I was interested in
reunion. It may conflict with my son-in-law's change of command on
Ticonderoga in Pascagoula, MS -- hope not. Best regards, Ollie Shearer

Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 04:22:44 EST
Subject: Re: U.S.S. Henry Clay (Allen Bergeson)

Thank you for posting my brother's obituary on your site. I will do more 
research as to his rank while aboard the US Henry Clay. I know he was 
enlisted at the time of serving aboard the submarine. At the time of his 
death he was a Commander in rank, although it was with the Public Health 
Dept., His uniform was identical to the Naval uniform with what he said was 
one minor exception. I can't remember what that was (probably the emblem of 
the PHS), but I have a pic taken just prior to his promotion from Lt/Cmdr to 
Commander. I know he was proud to wear the pin from the submarine service 
(the double-ended silver dolphin pin? much like pilots wings and in the same 
location) with his uniform right through the end. I also have another pic of 
him taken during his tour aboard the Henry Clay. As soon as I get these 
scanned, I'll forward them on to you. Once again thanks for your posting the 
info and I'll get more info to you as soon as possible. Feel free to put my e 
mail address on the site as I would enjoy hearing from anyone who may have 
known him. He was also quite the photographer. I'm sure there are boxes of 
pictures he took during liberty, etc. I'll have to locate those pics and go 
thru them and see if any may be useful to you as well. I guess I first need 
to get a scanner so I can scan some of them and then forward them to you if 
you'd want them. Let me know and I'll stay in touch from time to time. 

W. Jay Bergeson
825 E. Larkspur Dr.
Sandy, UT  84094-4516

(801) 553-0999

Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 13:09:16 -0500 
From: Snyder David <>
Subject: Grand Falloon Cocoa Beach

PN Clay of the Clay... I can actually tell your story of how you broke your
nose at the Grand Falloon better than you ... if you had only bolted the
door when you were sitting there....and had not been bending forward so

                Dave Snyder ICCS(SS) USN RET

Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 20:08:53 EST
Subject: old shipmates

My name is Russ Osborne,my nicknane on the HFC (GOLD-'69-'70) was "rabbitt" 
I was E-3 seaman gang,striking for "A" gang.reported aboard winter '69, while 
the Clay was in the yards, made the big transit to hawaii.

Would love to hear from some old shipmates as i just found this 
website, Have been compiling a list of my crew for several years....but let's 
face it,it's been 30!!

Been a member of USSVI for two years yet haven't run across a single Clay 

Still with the navy in a son is a FC2 assigned to a MAA/SRT at 
Coronado,CA.Visited him last summer and he took us to the sub base, brought 
back many memories.......take care shipmates!!!!!!!.......

Russ Osborne (TRI2WN@AOL)

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 23:25:42 -0600
From: "JOHN OQUINN" <>
Subject: Gordon O'Quinn

      NOTE:  The following is a compilation of two separate emails...

I am interested in people who were on the 625 from 68-70 who might have
known Gordon O'Quinn.  I believe his nickname was "Killer".  He was a
diver on the Henry Clay and had somehting to do with the missile
launches.  He has pictures of launches and docking in Holy Lock.  I
remember somone named "Gooch" from Tampa Bay, FL.


Gerry,  I am Gordons' son.  I was researching the Henry Clay for him and
when I came across an actual web page devoted to  the Clay I wanted to
make sure he was listed.  I'm trying to get more detailed information
from Gordon without tipping him off, it's kind of a surprise thing. 
He's eventually going to get on the internet and I wanted him to see his
name when he did.  I do know he was one of two divers onboard in 68-70. 
He worked on the missile launches.  He has a picture of a launch that
the captain wrote on congratulating him.  I've met two of his friends
from the Clay.  One is Steve "Gooch" in Tampa FL, the other Dennis Crow,
somewhere in Georgia.  They both called Gordon "Killer" and old nickname
I presume.  He has pictures of himself and others in Holy Loch.    I
mentioned the reunion in February and he said he thought he still had a
piece of the ribbon from the commisioning party.  I think he was from
the second crew onboard the Clay but was on another before.  I know he
got out in 1970 because I was 6 months old before he saw me, I'm not
sure exactly how long he was on but it was before 68.  We've taken
vacations to Charleston and spent countless hours building Sub models
that were similar to the Clay.  He can be reached at 417-742-3003 
Willard MO.    JOHN

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 14:11:28 -0500
From: Clark Robert S JR PORT <>







Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 09:47:59 -0500
From: Huckaba Randy J MMC PORT <>
Subject: Henry Clay SSBN 625


        I am an A-Gang Chief on the 751 right now and I served on the Henry
Clay from 1986 till 1989. Got off the ship before she was decommisioned.

MMC(SS) Randy J. Huckaba


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