Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 23:49:43 -0800
From: "Wayne and Ronna Roske" <>

Many of us have that picture in 8x10 black and white. If you look close,
the nose cap is misaligned! This is the only photo of an FBM missle shot
like that. I helped load that missile, Oran J. Timmerman MT2  was the
one who replaced the nose cap after it was in the launch tube and
purposely misaligned the nose black and white stripes, knowing it would
be photographed.

Wayne Roske

Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 12:01:46 -0500
From: "Larry Williams" <>
Subject: Addition To Sailing List

I am a former crew member of the Henry Clay SSBN 625.  The particular
details are as follows:

WILLIAMS, Lawrence (Larry) E.
2/79 to 2/84
9 patrols
Gold Crew
11572 Treasury Circle S.  Jacksonville, FL  32246
904-997-6789 (w)  9014-642-4457 (h)

I am Vice President with a technical staffing company based in Dallas, TX,
and work out of my home office in Jacksonville.  I separated from the Navy
in 1986 after moving back to Jax (our hometown).  After I left the Navy I
spent several years in the Human Resources field before my present

I am a reserve member of the Florida Air National Guard working in the
operations area with F-15's.  My wife, Mindy, and I have been married 22
years this last December and have a daughter, McKenna, who will be 4 in May.

Please feel free to call or email for additional info if needed.  I was told
about this site by Carey Fleming in Washington, DC.

Larry Williams
Vice President
Technical Contract/Permanent Staffing
Resource Spectrum
904/997-6789 (voice)
305/768-7970 (fax)

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 19:25:02 -0500
From: "Ian Redmon" <>
Subject: EN2 Blue Crew  1969-1972

I've  been snowed in for a couple of days, had little to do in the
office but surf the net. WOW, look what I found. I t's great because I
served aboard the Clay from early 69 to April 72 on the Blue crew.  I
was probably the last engineman to report aboard in 69 and was promptly
placed in "A" DIV . Can't remember a lot of names but a few come to
mind, Mike Cox (Bowling Green KY) A.B. McCaskell (Raleigh NC) S.R. Gooch
(Memphis TN) James Drew (Dallas TX).

As I looked around this site I saw some names that were familiar from
many years ago, Dennis, Fazi, Hack, Young, Meeks
Gooch, Lacoy and it brought to mind some names that were not seen, such
as Charlie Weaver TM1, Jimmy Means (anyone remember when he got all his
front teeth knocked out by the Aussie), Andy White, R.A. Bowser.

Saw a note from Fazi inquiring  about George Russell, I don't know of
his whereabouts, however if its any help he was from Florida. I roomed
with George in Honolulu during one off crew, the offcrew that he
reenlisted for 6 , got all the$ and tried to spend it all in one day.
The next refit in Guam he decided to kick the MM 1's butt which resulted
in the quick loss of his new stripe.I WONDER IF HE EVER GOT IT BACK?

On a business trip out west a few years ago, I was somehow sent through
St. LOUIS,  had a short layover, remembered that Andy White was from
that area. Found a phone book looked him up and gave him a call. If
anyone knows Andy and is passing through, he's in the book as A.A. White.
James Drew AKA Bones given the nickname by big Mac McCaskell, when asked
why, Mac replied that Drew was so skinny that when he walked he sounded
like a big bag of bones rattling. This occurred in 69 and Drew was known
by this nickname until he departed with me in 72.

Man this has been great, brought back a lot of memories, you are doing a
wonderful service for all the crew member and I thank you for your efforts.
Oh, before I forget Jim Meeks favorite song on the box at the Ford
Island Bar-----SNOWBIRD

Thanks Again
Emmett D.Redmon (redeye) EN2 SS

Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2000 00:20:36 -0500
From: "Robert A. Kutzenberger" <>
Subject: Henry Clay

My name is Bob Kutzenberger, and I served aboard the Henry Clay from
September, 1965 through October, 1968 when we brought her back to the
States for overhaul in Charleston, SC. Did patrols out of Rota, Spain
and Holy Loch, Scotland. I was in the Nav Gang on the Gold crew. Must
confess to participating in a number of pranks while on the Clay, and it
was good to see postings from some of the old timers..... I DO recognize
some of you out there! Does anyone remember the dog fights Snoopy and
the Red Baron had? How about Tippit testing the Ship's Horn (while on
patrol!)?  What about Croteau falling down the hatch in front of the
crew's head and breaking his elbow while reading a book?  And of course,
there was the day history repeated itself and Denny's door vanished from
his stateroom for a second time!

I have kept in touch with John Lamsens (FT-MCC) and Corkey Guenther
(ET-Nav) over the years, and also ran into Gene Schlaman (hope I spelled
that right, Gene) a few years back. We are all doing fine. I retired
from a career in communications this last August. Everyone else has
faded into memory. Was kind of wild finding this sight on the web and
reading notes from the many that served between the decks of the Clay.
Also sad to see the obituaries of A. A. Young (Captain-Gold) and A.
Bergeson.... I served under Commander Young and stood sonar watches with

J. Horn, I noticed your posting, and ask you: "Where did they hide the
XO's door the second time it was stolen?"

Robert A. Kutzenberger

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 17:50:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Duane Little <>
Subject: add to sailing list

MM1(SS) Duane A. Little, Blue Crew, Feb 2, 1978 to
March, 1985, 13 Detergent Patrols (let's keep the boat
clean fellas)

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to remind everyone that served around this
time of the CNOB (Crew's Night Order Book) Started by
MM1(SS) Robert Denman.  For those of you who never saw
it, the book was full of good cartoons by Rick
Bernskoetter (stay out of Kentucky, Rick), stories,
songs, and satire by everyone in Engineering.  Hope to
hear from AL Apperson EM1(SS), MM1(SS) Bear Bryant and
"Bronco Billy" and any of the other nuke pukes that
served around then. A lot older now and a Little

Keep up the good work with the web site.
Duane email:

Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 08:48:34 EDT
Subject: XO's Door

Bob Kurtzenberger asks " where was the XO's door the second time?"
Although I was not directly involved, I do believe Chief Jerry Braden was one 
of the culprits. I have been corrected from my original posting ( door in 
MG#1) and have been advised the door actually was in many different places 
but mostly under a flash cover of someone's (?) bunk. The door did show up 
during a "patrol talent show" when the lights went out and it was hidden
again. I think Bill Wright knows the real story since the EM gang guys were 
the culprits. Never the less the XO got what he deserved and Capt A.A. Young 
III ( May he rest in peace) earned the everlasting respect of the crew in his 
handling of the affair. 

Anyone remeber the ORSE board  in Guam when we started up the reactor from 
AMR #2 ? Or how about the "test scram"  Horne did for the training of a 
non-qual ? The stories are out there as well as the famous MM Mercer who 
gave a new dimension to being  a free spirit. His partying. and subsequent 
suffering, was legendary.

Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 22:06:04 -0700
From: Michelle Collins <>
Subject: Deck Div 88-90 "Gold" Crew

 I served onboard the Clay from 88-90 and spent my first patrol in dry
dock in Holy Loch and left just after she was decommed.  I arrived at
the Clay as a Seaman Recruit (SU) and left SN (SS).  My service included
Deck Div, which was such a joy in dry dock, and as a "mess-crank"
underway underway.  I remember on my second cruise MS2 Logsdon fell
asleep in the freezer.  The "Nukes" back aft deflowered SN Watson and
left him feeling a little "Blue"....Prussian Blue to be exact. 
        Me and a couple of the torpedomen up forward tied IC2 Reynolds to a
chair, put a foul weather harness on him, hoisted him him up in the air
in the Torpedo room, and removed most of his eyebrows with EB Red-Tape. 
I slept in the missle compartment lower-level, and on my way to my rack
after being on the helm, I found a certain MT3 copulating with the
wet/dry vac.  I'll mention no names, but you know who you are...
        The best duty that I had was spent aboard the Clay and I remember
Barton, Lewellen, Chanko, Firebaugh, Ogilvey, Shaw, Knack, West,
Logsdon, Ricky Ruffin (my mentor), Lt Thornhill (who would sign a qual
card for smut mags), Chief Kocenko, etc.  To all my shipmates, fair
winds and following seas. Feel free to email me at

Robert J. Shelley

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 18:47:49 -0700
From: "Allen Tubbs" <>
Subject: Gold Crew

Tubbs, Allen R.
3/63 - 8/66 Gold Crew, Rota-rooter!!!!
Sonar watch stander, mess crew, leading seaman, EM3 under Speed, Lonnie.
Is he still out there?

Maness, Billy F.
You never called back after waking me at 3a.m.
The number is the same . Call you Texan
Allen Tubbs

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 19:21:08 -0700
From: "Allen Tubbs" <>
Subject: Maness Escape Trunk

While on board prior to commissioning, Bill and myself were in the
missile compartment for pressure testing. Real smart of the shipyard to
leave two seventeen year olds alone for could be expected
boredom set in and bill and myself figured we could exit via the hatch
in AMR1. While the compartment was being de-pressurized Bill entered the
space and closed the lower hatch. Pressure change, can't open either
hatch, Bill stuck, me scared, no help. Bill must have been stuck for ten
minuets, someone topside asked if the drain valve was open, I returned
below where shipyard workers were trying to force the hatch open when I
opened the valve, bleed the pressure and the hatch opened, Bill dropped
out and INSTANTLY proceeded to comb his hair.
The memory is etched forever.
By the way Bill... The story of your sons receiving your dolphins...
tears of pride that I was a shipmate and friend. HFC forever.

Allen R. Tubbs FA(SU) March 1963/EM3 (SS) August 1966

Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000 16:32:43 -0700
From: "Timothy Landis" <>
Subject: The shitty days behind me, yet memories linger on

And a few nightmares as well

I was a member of Gold crew 1983-1989, left as an EM1...alias EAP.
Have many of the electician patrol diaries still today, of course with all
the inspiring photos that numerous nukes added to it.   Of course, Mr.
Kerstetter, I remember "The Chunk" and the contributor, (the ever gross
mr. Peters), and the author.  How could one forget the KNOB?   And of
course the ultimate in brain to mouth response, Jimmy Cash.  I said hi to
him on the way back to the engine room just as I entered the missle
compartment, and got the beginning of a "hi" back as I was leaving the
missle compartment...very impressive response time, Jimmy.  And can we
ever forget the wanna-be inspiring writtings of senior chief Massey.
Writting a weekly version of a mystery hunt about the ship, in which some
overwhelming team of writters from engineering, (including several JO's)
put together their version to turn it into a more interesting comedy.
I have kept track of a few fellow nukes through the years.  Daniel O'Leary...
Chief Daniel, working back in Goose Creek at the base.  Larry Krisanits and
family just purchased a church, (yes you got it) in convert
into their home.  Dave Hamilton, still in Maryland...several others working in
MD for Baltimore Electric & Gas the last I heard.  Seth Gebhart in Virginia
at a power plant.  Mitch Beckman in Maryland.

So, if anyone knows where anymore of the nukes from that era have vanished
to, update me would you?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Adiao Henry Clay...
with many memories and nightmares.

Tim Landis

Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 01:35:19 -0400
From: Manny Avila <>
Subject: Scuttlebutt

My name is Manny Avila.  I was an MT2 on the Clay (Blue) from 1986 till
her final resting spot in Norfolk Shipyard in 1990.  There are so many
good memories that I have but I will tell two now.  One off-crew almost
the entire MT division was arrested in Charleston for shooting guns
within the city limit.  We were off in the woods somewhere in
Summerville shooting .22 cal pistols and rifles into a creek bed.  We
must have gone through a thousand rounds before one of Summerville's
finest came barreling down the dirt road next to the creek.  I think it
was a day or two before we had to leave for Holy Loch.  I'll  leave the
rest to your imagination as to what happened.  We did get to keep ours
guns though!!!  The second story takes place in Holy Loch.  Once again
almost the entire MT division was returning from a pub crawl and we
missed the final boat back to the Tender.  One of the guys drank 20
white Russians and passed out on the conveyor belt for the baggage x-ray
machine.  Well, it was still turned on so we commenced to pass him
through several times and x-rayed his head!!!!  I believe we stopped
when he vomited inside the x-ray portion of the machine.  Not a proud
moment but a funny one.  We had a name for those moments, ALARA (another
larking alcohol related accident.) I have a ton of these but I'm sure
everyone else does to.

Manny Avila

Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 00:33:22 -0400
From: Manny Avila <>
Subject: Re: Henry Clay Sailing list

Hi Gerry, thanks for posting the information.  You are correct to say the
decommissioning took place in Charleston.  The reactor was dismantled and the
missile compartment removed and the two halves welded back together in
Charleston Naval Shipyard.  Then the ship was towed to Norfolk shipyard.
Myself and I think 9 other remaining crew members followed behind on a
reserve surface ship as escort.  As the Henry Clay was entering the river in
Norfolk, the tow ship gave control to two tugs and we transferred over onto
the Henry Clay.  That was a long slow ride up the river to the actual
shipyard.  The Henry Clay was maneuvered into her slip, which was right next
to the USS Iowa, which had the blown turrets the Navy blamed on a gay lovers
quarrel.  We walked off and I was the last off.  We then turned and must have
given the Henry Clay a good 45 second salute, and we turned again and got
into a van heading back to Charleston. That was the saddest point in my 6
year Naval Career.

I will get around to scanning some photos of some missile offloads, halfway
night, and other misc. pictures of the Clay inside and out.  I have a patch
that has "DECOM CREW" beneath the Clay insignia that I will also scan.  This
is a great web site you have, I have contacted 6 buddies that I thought I
would never see again.

Manny Avila

Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2000 17:53:14 -0600
From: "Bob and Sandra Reinisch" <>
Subject: USS Henry Clay SSBN 625


My name is Bob Reinisch.  I served aboard Henry Clay from 1962 pre
commissioning to 1969 for  pre commissioning and 13 patrols. I was there
when the ship ran aground, and glad I was in the gold crew. I was a
radioman in radio shack on the barge and all the officers ran out. We
didnt know what was going on until the yeoman told us what happened. We
got a lecture about not talking about the incident and how we were one
ship and one crew *smile*. Then it was all over the news live and
headlines in the newspaper.  So much for keeping it quiet.   I remember
Billy Maness and his honda 305 I had a ariel squar four my self. I have
trouble remembering too much because I drank alot then.  My drinking
buddy was the skipper........

Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 09:06:00 -0500
From: "Fields, Sheldon" <>
Subject: Tragedy in the Barents Sea

We do not profess to know the fear that the crew of the Kursk must feel...
but we understand it. We are linked by an experience, a life, that
transcends borders. I salute the courage and bravery of the men aboard
Kursk. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. We are not
politicians. We are not Heads of State. We are Submariners... may God have

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 20:01:00 EDT
Subject: No Subject

Gold Crew 71-72,
    I was a shipmate of the Clay at the time of the overhaul at Charleston 
S.C.  Also at the reassignment to the Pacific Fleet.  I have been recognizing 
a lot of names of former shipmates over the Clay's sailing list. My name is 
if you still remember me is John Seaman.  Russ mentioned Chief Cochrran still 
active and sailing.  Like to here more about you and COB.  You can reach me 
at Bulletdad42.  Please contact me. 

                                   JOHN SEAMAN 

Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 10:26:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Doug Watson <>
Subject: Henry Clay Scuttlebutt

I'm Doug Watson FTB1(SS) on Gold Crew from 76-81. 
After reading all of this I can't help but smile and
think about all the times I had - good and bad. I went
to the boat in 76 when she was still in Portsmouth. I
remember it snowed all the winter and all I had was a
motor cyle.  I remember the A&W drive in.  And I
remember getting engaged up there but if you know me,
well, that didn't last. 

I am just remembering all of my good friends from the
Clay.  Ike Whisenand - we called him Whimpy - I think
Charlie Brunnelson gave him that name - like in
Doug Purnhagen - he could write some wierd songs at
Christmas times like Jack Frost roasting on an open
fire.  John Shortman, drinking coffee and loving your
hairdo!  Mike Wooooshich (Kusich).  You looked good
with toilet paper hangin all over you after you opened
the value when sanitaries were blowing.  Mike and his
family still live in Charleston. Chuck 'Two Duck
Chuck' Tatum - he could drink!  Stupid torpedomen.
I remember COB - Chief Russell (Kusich - you were
always the teachers pet, well the COB's pet - you were
a bad pinocle player too!).  Taking naps in the MCC
Fan room during field day...oh that wasn't me.  That
was Hollywood Joe - no he was a chief...maybe it was
me. Bob Rhynsburger and Eric Guerrero - my two off
base roomies.  I got pictures of you Eric in a white 3
piece suit going to Derriere's.  One night Eric was
mercy night! Remember?  The one serious thing I really
remember is the night we put out to sea from Kings Bay
- the day the U.S. tried to rescue our hostages in
Iran.  I remember driving back from Charleston on one
of those suicide runs we made (just to see a girl - by
the way she is my wife now for 20 years) and hearing
the news on the radio. 

So here are some names for everyone to think about. 
Please feel free to email me or call me anytime. 
We're in Dallas now (I know, a Kansas Farm Boy that
use to hate Texas as Mike Hughes knows).  Kerry and I
have 2 girls that are 16 and 11 now.  Anyone know
where Mike Hughes is? His email on the web page says
its invalid now.  I know he is from San Antonio and
would love to find him. 

Glad to see this page!

Doug Watson
Gold Crew 76-81
Flower Mound, Texas

Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 07:52:56 -0800
From: "Williams, Louis E" <>
Subject: Re: Error in Phil Puschel Picture


I'm still trying to stay alive long enough to retire.   That is about my
only goal.

I see Andy Wheeler finally found the website.  I guess "PUMA" (Phil Puschel)
directed him to  it.

Phil got his nickname one night in Rota Spain.   After many drinks at the
club on base, Andy, Phil and I were staggering to the boat, down a long dark
road.  Andy and I were walking along the side of the road, but Phil was
walking out in the middle of the  pavement.  We asked him what he was doing,
and he said he didn't want to have a puma,  jumping out of a crevasse,  get
him.    From that moment on, he was  the "PUMA".

Andy is the last person from my era on the boat who I've actually seen,
since I got off the boat.  Andy got out of the Navy in 1968 or1969. I was on
my first business trip after going to work for VITRO  (1986) and I went to a
bar for a St. Patricks Day drink.   After a few minutes,  I looked up to see
Andy Wheeler walking across  the room toward me.   Man, did we tie one on
that night.

We have a lot of stories, most involving the use of alcohol.  You could ask
them about the time in Rota, when they fell in the mud on the way back to
the boat.


Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 20:22:59 EST
Subject: X-O's door
Robert A. Kutzenberger  asks "J. Horn, I noticed your posting, and ask you: 
Where did they hide the  XO's door the second time it was stolen?" 

Hi Bob, 

Well I'm not sure it was in the MG coolers the first time even. Bill said it 
could never fit in there. I remember Gerry Braden and some other chief had 
shown it during a talent show  and when the lights went out it was gone 
again. I suspect it was in the Torpedo Room or Goat Locker. I remeber Denny 
having a big time fit. Didn't he grab the J.O.'s door? Any way, it was good 
fun as Denny deserved the hassel from my recollection.
Happy to see your posting. 


Remeber the Roosevelt and the Great Sea Mount patrol ? I still don't eat 


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