From: "sherrod" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 12:20:39 -0600
Subject: gold crew

Looking for shipmates who remember me.

Wally Sherrod

From: "Doug_and_Pat" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 20:04:31 -0800
Subject: Service time

My name is Douglas Gillard and I served on board the Henry Clay from May,
1974 to November, 1974. I arrived a smart ass E-3 non-qual A-ganger
and left a very humbled and qualified third class. I managed to get my
dolphins on my first and only deterrent patrol; I also did my tour in
the mess at the same time for most of the patrol. I had wanted to go to
the east coast for the re-fueling and overhaul but two weeks into the
trip my orders came (along with about half the crew) to report to the
U.S.S. PUFFER SSN-652. That fact was the biggest motivator I had to
get those dolphins. The idea of having to bust my ass only to start all
over again was too much!   So with the help of my shipmates  (I could not
have done it without them) I did.

The Henry Clay will always be special to me because it was where I
became a submarine sailor.

From: "Keith McCall" <>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 18:29:58 -0500
Subject: Information Request

Boomer Sailors Network
Hi, I'm wanting to know what happend to the Clay?

I know (I've seen the depressing photos of its final drydock) its been dismantled.
What I'm wanting to know is if any of the parts were salvaged and put somewhere.
For example; the Woodrow Wilson has its Sail and Rudder in Deterrant Park in
the Pacific Northwest.

If you get a chance, I own the site listed at the bottom of my email. Since
I'm an ex-clay sailor, the majority of the pictures are of the Clay (and the
Woodrow Wilson).

      Keith McCall Submarine Veteran
      BoomerSailors Network

"They maybe gone, but the 41 for freedom will live for ever"

From: "scary grandpa" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:46:13 -0800
Subject: Hey Hey Hey Henry Clay

Hey to all !
What a fantastic page! Wheres Klieno the Wino?
If you see that nerdlehead tell him
SNICK is looking for him! YEAH!
I'm still partying every night all
night . Drinkin and playing my old guitar

Love the page man,
Love the pictures on it!


Gary Parsnick

You can e mail me at

Add me to ALL the lists!! WOO HOOO!
Gary Alan Parsnick


From: "Flamingo" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 15:05:34 -0400
Subject: Crew Member


I served aboard Henry Clay from November 1979 to January 1981. I arrived
as an SR(SU) and left as an SN(SS). I was supposed to come back to the
boat after A School but ended up going to the Seahorse instead. I made
Patrols 45 and 47, I think. One out of Kingsbay (part of it in drydock)
and the other out of Holy Loch. I mess cooked under Romeo Mangobutt and
Ray Battarro and did some striker time with TM and MT divs. MTC(SS) Jim
Carollton and TM1(SS) Harry Copeland. Master Chief Russell taught me
everything I ever needed to know about being a Bubble Head on the
Clay-fish... how to make a rack, compact trash, drive the bus and drink
like a fish. I qualified on 20 December 1980 and LCDR Armitage put the
pins through the backs in one punch...

I ended up a TM and retired in 1996 off the USS MAINE.

Best Wishes,

Patrick LeBlanc, TM1(SS), Ret.

From: Steven  O <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 23:33:20 -0400
Subject: Add to list of former crew members

        Like what you accomplised here. I sure would love to add my name to 
your list of former crew members. I served on the Blue (Brew) Crew from 86'
until 88' making 5 patrols as a "A" Ganger. I had come off from the 640 Gold
and had to pull back to back patrols doing almost 180 days straight on 
the both boatz, whew what a nightmare.
                                        Many fond memories of Holy Loch
and all the nutty antics of our crew. What a grand old time it was on one
patrol leaving the Loch when we tore the club on the pier to shreds and we 
then continued thrashing the bus all the way to the airport and evne on the
plane. I mean people who ordinarily did not even imbibe alcohol were just
getting smashed. I believe that there was a reason for all this nonsense,
like it was a very tough run or something but man we were hell bent on 
destroying anything in our path creating a swath of chaos. I remember the C.O.
was called back to Chas. from leave and heard about it from the SUBGROUP 6 
Admiral and of course shit ran downhill from there. I was in "A" Gang with
a bunch of pretty decent guys: Among them Jeff Wood (Maine), Dan Vinning
(Kansas) MMC Lowell Davis, Danny Bonocorsi (Michigan) Kirk Bernard a good
friend from Florida, Thom Schafer from Cleveland Ohio and many many other
really nice cool people that the majority of the submarine force was 
compromised off. Well thanks for the opportunity to rant and rave a little,
good luck with your site.

MM2/SS Steven C O'Connell

Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 21:50:12 EDT
Subject: lovelies

My name is Ted Dubay and was a nuke electrician and was stationed on the Clay 
from March 69 to August 72.  I work with a bunch of ex sub sailors, at the 
Millstone Nuclear Power station, and it seems as if the Clay was the only 
boat to call hot chocolate 'lovelies'.  Does any one know the origin of the 
term and when it got coined?  I seem to recall it was a play on how guys 
liked their coffee (blonde and sweet, black and bitter, etc).

If anyone remembers me and is brave enough to admit it, I would enjoy hearing 
from you.  My email address is

From: "Scott Speer" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 10:58:31 -0400
Subject: USS Henry Clay, SSBN 625 Gold

Hello all,

Scott Speer here, served on the H. Clay Gold from 86 to 90 out of Holy Loc as
MM2 (SS) Nuke. Decommisioning, Dry Dock, record turnover and record patrol
length (remember walking on all those cans guys?)

I was just cruising around and came across this site. Great job. It's good
to see comments from a lot of old friends and comrades.

Steve K......I'll never forget you man. One of the most understated wittiest
persons I've ever met. You were a good man then and I'm sure you've showed
the world a thing or too about class and integrity since then.

I fondly remember the KNOB and the hours spent perusing and responding to the
strange, rude, and sometimes enlightening comments found in it. From introspection
to outright war threats, it was often the one thing to look forward to during those
looooong mid watches. "Who stole the Chunk" should have been made major
headlines. Yeah...Fat Pete, the chunk, and strange noises from his rack....odd the
things your brain decides to retain isn't it?

Got Woody Holder and Kenny Olglvie jobs when they got out. Of course neither
one decided to stay in touch after that. I'm sure they are doing well.

I'm still in touch with Pat Jarvis, and through him, Bill Demler. Pat is in GA and
is well and doing fine with his family business, managing to practically triple it's
size since he started (initially using the money from his early out knee accident
I might add, but it was all that awesome brain and personality aftwards). He is
still married to Tammy and they have a son and daughter.

Bill and Deb are in PA and I believe have a daughter. Last I heard he was still in
the Nuc industry at a facility somewhere in PA. I believe Bechman is also
somewhere in the area and they all attend poker games from time to time.

Bill Harris converted a bit, got out of the Navy, became a Fireman in Honolulu (sp?)
and married a local gal he fell in love with. I've lost touch with him the last few years
but I'm sure we'll be in touch again.

As for myself....VP in the Pharmaceutical industry, getting ready to open up a branch
in the NE. Not married, but likely will be soon. Life is really good and I have no
complaints or regrets!

I think my favorite sea story was about the Red Baron. I can't remember his
name, but he lived with A-ganger Kelley. Anyway, he received the nick name
as a result of a date with a female at a certain "stage" in her cycle. Unbeknownst
to him (or known...he probably wouldn't care). I didn't have the pleasure of
witnessing it, but apparently he showed up after the date with the "red stripes of
victory" smeared across both cheeks and most of his face. I'm sure it was quite a
brilliant site!

Thanks for the memories about Hines and Massey's hypnotism event. I thought
he was faking until the stolen purse statement and his subsequent red face.
Pretty incredible! Plus, no one could support Massey on their stomach like he did
that night. Those were some strange and wonderful times and probably served as
the core of who I am now. I wouldn't trade them for anything, but you couldn't
convince me to do it again either. There is always that strange dichotomy when
and comes to me and the Navy.

All my friends (all 2 of you...hehe) please drop me a line. Would love to hear from you!

Regards, haze gray and away......and no longer punching holes at 3 knots to nowhere.......

Scott Speer, MM2/SS Nuc
1986-1990 Gold Crew, Holy Loche
6 runs and out!
Shortest turnaround/Longest Patrol
Decom Crew
Remember the Chunk!!
Sr. Director, Pharmaceutical Validation
UK, Brazil, US, Australia, Canada
Hey all you nucs!  Looking for a job?  Call me!

Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 02:38:53 EDT





From: "Moore, Gregory" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 12:34:55 -0400
Subject: Gold Crew 78 - 81

I can't believe that the old boat has its own website.  My name is Gregory
Moore and I served as a Sonar Tech on the gold crew from 78-81.  It was
really good to read about some of my old shipmates.  I recognized Doug
Watson and those he mentioned right away.  I also remember LeBlanc well even
though he was only there a short time.  I was glad to see Mike Hughes name
on the board.  He really added a lot of spice and character to the crew.  We
were both Texans and caught it from all sides because of it.  I've got many
good memories from my time on the boat.  I think that the mind puts the bad
ones aside to help preserve your sanity.  When it came time to get my
Dolphins, they were awarded on halfway night.  Everyone was up and they beat
the well deserved crap out of me.  Of course Gordy Martin was unlucky enough
to be standing along side me getting his dolphins also.  He never let met
forget how being associated with me could be so painful.  A lot of time has
gone by but I'm really glad to have found this website.  I'll be checking it
periodically to see who else discovers it.  I finished college after getting
out of the Navy at the end of 81.  I still work for the federal government,
but as a banking regulator.  I live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia with my
wife, Maria and our two children.  I would really enjoy hearing from any of
my old crewmembers.  My parents probably have some of my memorabilia still
around the house in the attic.  Next time I'm visiting I'll have to see if
there is anything I can come across to contribute to the website.  Take
care, Gregory Moore, 1080 Seale Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30022  770-772-6210

Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2001 14:07:50 EDT
Subject: Letter to Crew SSBN 625 (Gold)

I was on the Henry Clay from 1976 to 1981. I just want to thank
Gerald A. Pollack for having this web sight.  Thanks Gerry

I was on the Gold Crew and there is a lot of guys I'd like to say
hello to! Waaassssuuppp!!!  Does anybody have any "grease" handy?
I really never had the closeness to anyone like I had with you guys!
I just got on the internet yesterday and figured let me try and see
for the hell of it if they have anything on the old crew.

C.O.B. Russel         - (the man)
R.D.Jones                - (the boss)
Rocco Carbone        - (my favorite)
Patrick LeBlanc       - (another guy in the small part of the boat)
Dennis Levesque    - (Mr. Studebaker)
Greg Moore             - (How's your head!)
Andy Drefinski        - (yeah! Miss You Man)
Mike Grabelski       - (You must be a rich lawyer by now!!)
Doug Watson          - (Talk to you soon)
Mike Kusich            - (I'm Still Alive)
Chuckie Tatum        - (Chuckie's Back)
Bob Stayton             - (Big Bob I'll find you yet, say Hi to Sue, and the angels
                                      Jenny & Lisa)
Kevin Walker          - (Mr. Torpedoe)
Bob McDermott      - (Mac I'll be talking to you soon)
Jimmy Dobbins        - (Where are you man, so close we got to get together, tell
                                      Jamie Hi!)
Smitty                      - (Remember the dance)
Curt Seliger             - (Curt Baby!!! Waaasssuuppp)
Richie McDonald    - (Richieeeeeeeeeeee)
Danny Rean            - (I'ii be talking to you soon)
St. Pete                   - (where is Bob Stayton)
Doug Walker          - (I know you went places ! You had your shit in one sock!)
Rob Skinner            - (how ya been)
Country Boy Tripp  - (Man with the Bell)
My Buddy Estep    - (Most Greasings and fought every time)
Skippy Maes           - (love that beard)
Ron Pillot                - (The Guy on the top of the Boat)
Daryll Tolbert         - (never worked out but looked like hercules)
Bobby Brennan       - (ARE YOU STILL MY FRIEND?)
Maurice Fowler      - (I didn't forget you)
Jackie Walker         - (Thanks for bailing me out) Jaksonville, Fla.
Tony Church            - (Remember the awol run? cold eh!)
Egbert                     - (Thanks for all the extras)
Rick Cote                - (Member of the "Homewreckers Club" Yeah)
Randy Martin          - (Nice Van Man)
Randy Masto          - (Where did you go?)
Ed Cully                  - (The Guy who could get any women, I mean any!!)
Gordy Martin          - (Hey Smiley)

I wish there was a way to get a roster of all the guys on the boat at the
time because I know there are alot of names I can't remember because I'm
old! !!Real Old!!

If there is ever a reunion please let me know. I'll Be There Man!

Tim Riley

From: "barbsbokays" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 19:46:58 -0600
Subject: HENRY CLAY 

Just wanted to add my name to the crew list that sailed on the H.F.C. 
My name is Gordon O'Quinn and I was on the Clay on the Gold crew for
three patrols out of Holy Loch before the first retro and stayed on
board until she finally was ready to leave the ship yards.  I was on
board a little over three years from 1967 until 1970.  I was a
Torpedoman 2nd class and also the ships diver. 

Sorry to hear about the passing of both of the men who served as my
captain during my tour of duty.  Capt Young and Capt Montross were both
fine men and it was my pleasure to know them  and serve under their

I now live in Willard, Missouri which is just north of Springfield. We
own a florist shop that is called Barbara's Bokays and would like to
hear from any of you who served on the Clay during the same time that I did.

Gordon O'Quinn 


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