Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 20:18:55 EST
From: Ricky Fisher <>
Subject: Add me to the sailing list

MT3 (SS) Ricky Fisher
Blue Crew member 1982-1983
Two patrols out of Holy Loch and an extended refit in Kings Bay.   Would love 
to hear from crewmates from this time frame.

414 Autumn Drive
Harrisburg, NC 28075

Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 18:12:11 -0700
From: Arthur Clark <>
Subject: Served aboard Henry Clay

I am A.A. Clark Jr. QM2 (SS). I served aboard Henry Clay (Blue) from June
1968 to August 1970. I joined the crew during the overhaul in Charleston, SC.
Cdr. Young was C.O. Being a lowly QM3 when I came aboard, I had the
privilege of standing many topside and fire watches. I took one of those harbor 
tours that went up the river by the shipyard. I have some pictures of the boat
at the overhaul dock. After overhaul the Blue crew took the boat for sea trials,
missile firing, and torpedo runs. We were at Cape Canaveral when Apollo 13
was launched. Apollo 13 was the one Tom Hanks made the movie out  of. 
Some of the crew took a tour of the launch site. I took a picture of the Apollo 13
launch from the top of the sail with my Instamatic 125 camera. All you can see
is a pinhead size speck of light in the picture. We did the torpedo runs out of
Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. I remember a liberty stop at St. Croix. I got
stuck on Shore Patrol duty that day. I also remember one day when the C.O.
stopped the boat in the middle of the ocean and let us dive and swim and catch
rays off the missle deck. I have a few pictures of that too. After our shot at sea
trials, we turned the boat over to the Gold crew, flew back to Charleston for R&R,
and then made our way to Pearl Harbor, where some of us lived in the sub barracks
on Ford Island. The Gold crew took the boat to Hawaii. I got out of the Navy right
before they got there. My total Naval career amounted to 100 days at sea out of
four years. I spent a couple months in the Comsubflot 6 office in Charleston after
sub school and QM  "A" school. I kept getting stationed aboard boats that were 
in the yards for overhauls. My first boat was Thomas Edison. I spent 4 months
on her in the yards. Then I was transfered to Daniel Webster for my one and only
patrol. I managed to earn my dolphins during that patrol. I made 3rd class during
that patrol and 2nd class while aboard Henry Clay.  After the Navy, I went to
college, worked at a local grocery store, then got a job with the U.S. Postal Service
in my hometown as a rural letter carrier. I retired from the U.S.P.S. in '03 after 28
years. I discovered the web site earlier this month (Feb. '08) when I got curious
about the fate of my old boat. They put it so nicely when they say she was
"recycled".  That's all from me for now.

Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 16:37:56 -0600
From: "Chuck Carroll" <>
Subject: I was on the Henry Mudfish

I served on board the USS Henry Clay SSBN 625 Gold from 1972 until 1974.  I
was an STS3/2 (SS).  I retired after more than 20 patrols and 9 different
submarines as an STSCS(SS).  I was stationed with FTB2(SS) Cenobia Jose
Herberto Gallegos aka Speedy Gallegos.  In fact he was my best man when I
got married.  I have since lost touch but I do know that he was from Taos,
NM.  Please add me to your list of crew members.  Master Chief Russell was
the COB.  B.D.Root ran the radio room with his trusty side kick Lubawski.
James C. Nicholas was the sonar LPO and Ernie Becker, Bob Wilson and Stroud
rounded out the division.  HM1 (Doc) Noble also stood sonar watches.

Chuck Carroll STSCS(SS) USN, Ret.

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 13:32:18 -0400
From: "Thompson, Charles J Mr USA NGGA CFMO" <>
Subject: Former Crew Member

I've been trying for years to get my name/info added to the site but have
failed to date for some unknown reason.  I am a former crew member (PN3(SS)
Charles Thompson) of the CLAY (GOLD), served from FEB79-NOV81 in YN Division.
CDR Fisher was CO, LCDR Armitage was XO, and FTCM(SS) Russell was COB.  Rocco
Carbone was "A" Gang LCPO and Tim "Wildman" Riley was the crew hell raiser!

Made 4 patrols (2 Holy Loch, 1 Weapons Station Charleston, and 1 Kings Bay).
My home email is, would appreciate getting on the Sailing
List and I can contribute photos and some good stories.  Wish I had know bout
the recent reunion in Charleston, would have made it.

Charles "Butch" Thompson, REM
GaARNG CFMO-ENV Compliance Manager

Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 11:15:52 -0500
From: "Thomas M. Reinhart" <TREINHART1@STNY.RR.COM>
Subject: Henry Lemon Mudfish (SSBN 625)

You never forget your first girl and boy did I get popped when I rode the
Mudfish.  I arrived at PNSY a scared MSSA(SU) in dress blues that were too
big on the bottom and too small at the top.  "Fresh meat arriving" was
announced from the bottom of the sail hatch and I descended into the reeking
smell of machinery into what was soon to be the control room.  I was
promptly introduced to the best damn Sub crew in the USN.  "You better know
how to cook," I was warned.  "Sure do,"  I lied.   How we did it I can't
tell ya, in going from a boat in drydock with holes in the hull and cables
and hoses and equipment and yardbirds running (er I mean crawling) every
which way to a fully operational missle launchin, test depth reachin, anglin
and danglin' Mo fo'in, emergency blowin FBM submarine amazes me to this day.

Some of my favorite characters were my seadaddy MS1 (SS) Jimmy Cosgrove
whose colorful language was consistently punctuated with the f word
preceding a string of other derivitives of the f word but he could cook like
no other and MS1(SS) Dan Blevins  (Blebbins) who taught me how to shoot the
TDU and glaze donuts and MS1(SS) Javier who showed me garnishes and table
settings for the wardroom and how to make Gilly-gilly.  Cooks Al Carlisle
and Jeff Walker, Carlisle who could trash a galley and leave it and Walker
who would cover it in tin foil so as to not dirty it.

How 'bout cleaning XO Pooles stateroom and finding toilet paper blown all
over the overhead of his and the CO's head.  One day when I was back in
AMR2UL  XO showed me where the scram breaker was and urged me to tweak it
much to the displeasure of the AMR2 rover who probably should have called a
security alert on my non-qual, forward puke ass. 

Who could forget my buds, Wilkinson, Moon, Reynolds and Lytle?  Seeliger,
Spence and others caught up in a moment in the late seventies?   Eventually
we all qualified and became Petty Officers and responsible, contributing
crew members sailing the Mudfish to ports near and far.  Only to be happily
replaced by new, wide eyed, scared and totally unqualified fresh meat.  I
see where Henry Clay SSBN 625 is long gone, stricken from the Naval record
and ceased to exist. Yea right, not in my mind... I could still shoot that
TDU, catch a flick and have glazed donuts ready by breakfast.  What a riot.

MS2(SS) Marty Reinhart

Date: Tue Dec 23 09:16:48 2008
From: "Shawn Bilak" <>
Subject: RE: then and now photos

Here is my info for the sailing list.

I was a striker on the Gold crew and the highest rank I made was FTG3. 

I made 3 patrols out of Holyloch 1982-1983, and then went on to man up the
battleship program. (BB-61, BB-63, BB-62, and BB-63 again)



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